“Are you familiar with our menu?” This is the first thing you hear as you walk into the door of Quincy’s Steak and Spirits restaurant located in Leadville, Colorado; the highest incorporated town in America at 10,200 feet. Many who visit the two-mile high city for the first time are not familiar with the unique menu but the locals definitely know that they are in for good eats.

Quincy’s serves only two different things on their menu and never on the same nights. Sunday through Thursday, the restaurant serves a delicious bacon-wrapped filet mignon dinner with a baked potato, French bread, and house salad starting at $7.95. Four different sizes are offered with the largest steak, a 15-ounce, being only $13.95. A customer cannot accept to make too many decisions at the restaurant. Your server will ask you what size dinner your appetite craves starting with a six-ounce, then a nine and a twelve-ounce and of course the fifteener for the hungrier appetites. For your potato, you only get the option of baked. There are no fries or mashed so please do not waste your time. Same with the salad dressing-there are no secret rooms that serve oil and vinegar or Italian. It is their house dressing and that is it!

The filet mignon is only served Sunday through Thursday. If you are still looking for that meat and potato kind of meal, Quincy’s serves some of the best prime rib dinner around. Actually, it is the only prime rib dinner around, but it is worth the stop. Served with the same style as the filet mignon, the prime rib comes in four different sizes starting with an eight-ounce all the way to the enormous twenty-ounce dinner.

Please do not think you do not get any choices when you come to Quincy’s. The restaurant offers a full bar with beer, wine, and the amazing $1.25 well drinks. The Giant Margaritas can quench anyone’s thirst and all the drinks are cheap. Happy hour is their open hours. Especially if there is a waiting list for a table, make sure to grab a drink at the historic bar that was brought to Leadville by wagon train in the late 1800’s. Check out the etchings of Leadville’s history carved throughout.

The bar is not the only history in the restaurant. The design of the restaurant is too look relaxed Victorian. If you have a choice, grab a table with the large, cushioned chairs. After a big dinner, it is nice to lean back with a cocktail, a glass of wine or a hot cup of coffee and relax. Around the restaurant are pictures copied from the Colorado Historical Society as well as drawings and paintings of the historic mining town by local artists. If these pictures leave you curious for more, ask any of the staff at Quincy’s about their town. The staff takes pride in their town’s history and love to tell the stories.

Quincy’s staff tries their best to make your experience to their restaurant and their whole town a good one. Everyone who works there is knowledgeable of the area and is more than willing to help out their customers whether it is finding a place to stay the night or a good hiking trail in the morning. All employees love to laugh and have fun and Quincy’s staff does just that. Just do yourself a favor-do not ask for the chicken-or the fish-or the lobster-or the spaghetti-you get the point! Just kidding.

If there is a great place to enjoy a good, relaxing meal, Quincy’s would be your answer. And do not be intimidated by the one-item menu. When you only do one thing, you are expected to do it right. And Quincy’s Steak and Spirits does just that. So the next time you are in Leadville, Colorado or heck, anywhere in the central mountains, go to Leadville and eat your steak dinner two-miles above sea level. Quincy’s is only 35 miles from the Summit County and Vail Valley. Hope to see you there!