Tired of tuna fish salads? Chewed on enough tuna fish sandwiches? Don’t care for it out of the can? Why not convert two or three of those cans of tuna fish stored away for emergencies into tuna fish patties? It’s a taste treat you’ll want to try more than once. Here’s the process.

First, gather together these ingredients:

  2 cups canned tuna (2 or 3 cans, depending on size)
  1 egg, beaten
  3 tbsp mayonnaise
  2 tbsp hamburger relish
  3 tbsp minced onion
1/4 cup bread crumbs
  1 tbsp olive oil

Mix all the ingredients together except for the oil. Form the mixture into small hamburger size patties and fry them in hot oil, turning once, until they crisp up on both sides. That’s it. With all the ingredients on hand, it should take no more than fifteen minutes, beginning to end.

These tuna fish patties will taste great hot off the stove with either a dash of lemon juice or a dab of ketchup. Or, cover them with a mild cream gravy that complements but does not obscure the fish flavor. (Note the surprise ingredient, number four.)

For the gravy you will need:

 3 tbsps butter
 4 tbsps flour
 1 plus 1/2 cups of chicken or turkey broth
 8 ounces sour cream

Prepare the gravy as follows:

Melt the butter over medium-low heat in a small sauce pan or skillet. Stir in the flour to a good blend. While stirring, add the chicken/turkey broth and heat until the broth has thickened. Stir in the sour cream and continue heating the gravy to a steady simmer. It’s ready to pour into a gravy bowl and serve along with the fish patties.

The choice of gravies for tuna fish patties can run the gamut from mild and common to wild and rare. Best option, start with a mild gravy, as above, add flavoring (minced garlic, lemon pepper, different herbs) judiciously with future preparations.