Jimmy John’s is a sandwich shop that also offers delivery and catering.  It is called a gourmet sandwich shop which means they use fresh ingredients.  The sub rolls are baked fresh daily.  The meats are sliced each day and the vegetables are freshly prepped.  Some advertisements on television claim that some other sandwich establishments have ingredients prepped off site and are not as fresh.

One of the things the shops is known for is quick delivery.  You may have seen the Jimmy John’s commercials where people call in an order and the delivery person is there almost before they are done with the phone call. 

Depending on what your preference is, this may not be the shop for you.  All sandwiches at Jimmy John’s are served cold.  Some other sandwich shops offer both cold and toasted sandwiches.  

The sandwiches are all made on 8 inch loaves of French bread with a choice of meats, veggies and sauces.  Besides sub sandwiches, there is also a selection of club sandwiches that are either made on sliced 7 grain bread or the French bread loaves.  They also offer sandwiches called Plain Slims, which just have meat on a bun without veggies and sauce. 

If you are on a low carb diet, you may be interested in the JJ Unwich which is a lettuce wrap.  You can get any of the sandwich ingredients in a lettuce wrap instead of on bread.  The  price of the JJ Unwich is the same as the sandwich would be on a roll. 

Side items that are available for additional costs are soda pop, giant chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies, jumbo Kosher dill pickles and  real potato chips.  There are additional charges for extra meat, cheese, avocado spread and hot peppers. 

There is online ordering available for either pick up or delivery orders.  There may be a minimum order  amount required for online ordering.  There will be an additional cost for delivery in addition to the tip. 

All of their sandwiches can be ordered to be catered to an event you may have. You can either order individual sandwiches, party trays with a selection of smaller sized sandwiches or box lunches.   The catering menu also includes box lunches consisting of a sub or club sandwich, choice of cookie, chips and pickle spear.  The catering menu contains the same side items as the in store menu. 

There may be a number of sandwich shops in your area, Jimmy John’s may be one to try out.