There are some many ways to save money when you go out to eat. You have to be smart when it comes to your money. Hard earned income can easily be spent in restaurants. Servers try to push alcohol, appetizers and large dinner features. After dessert, you will have a costly bill.

When you go to restaurants regularly, you can save money. If a couple enjoys the same soft drink, have one consider sacrificing for water and let one drink the soda. Towards the end of the dining experience, give the soda to the one that was drinking water. Imagine if you did this 120 times. You would save a few hundred dollars just on soda. You can also use this tactic in fast food joints. There are many other ways that you can save money while dining out.

When you go to restaurants and want to order the same salad, order a large portion and split it for two. If a half order cost $9 and you purchase two, you would pay $18. Order one large for $10.99 and split it for two. Utilizing this technique will save you money and can make room for dessert. You can follow this practice with other items that have large portions. Split it for two and add another salad or cup of soup. Some plate portions are too plentiful and wasteful, if you don’t finish.

When customers go out to breakfast, they want to add so many side dishes. Side of bacon, side of eggs, side pancakes and other items. Study the menu for a few extra minutes and look for combos that have these items. The server will gladly charge you for the sides because they want to boost up the check. When I served, I knew the menu so well that I always tried to help the customer save money. I always offered the best plates. Watch out in some of those restaurants that try to take advantage of you. When you order juice, make sure you ask the server if they are refillable. The server will charge you for 3 glasses of orange juice at $3.95 a glass. Other restaurants have unlimited refills like Carrows and IHOP.

Dining out for dinner can be relaxing. During this time, servers know to push the expensive items. If you drink wine, order a bottle. Think about it. If you drink one glass, you will definitely order another. Why pay $12 for 2 glasses, when a bottle cost a few dollars more and has the equivalent of 4 glasses. Consider this tactic for large cocktail drinks. If you order a small drink for a cheaper price, you will have another. Order the large drink, if you can handle it, and save a few dollars.

When a restaurant has an add-on salad bar, order one and share it. Why pay for two when you will probably ruin your appetite before the dinner comes. If you’re traveling, don’t order the salad bar and dinner. Some food items are sensitive and if you pack them, they won’t last during the trip.

If your food doesn’t taste good, speak out. Tell your server that it wasn’t what you expected. Staying silent will cost you money. They will gladly give you another plate or take the item off the bill.

Try to locate coupons for your favorite restaurants. Sometimes the Sunday paper, website and local mail will have some good offers. Use special discount cards that will get you a free piece of pie or a discount. If you’re a senior, mention a discount or special menu that may cater to you. Sometimes kids are given free meals on certain nights.

Follow some of these tactics to save money. As the price of food go upwards, our income fails to adjust. Restaurant want to make money. The servers, busboys, cooks and dishwashers work like slaves. It’s hard not be scolded by a manager for drinking water when the air conditioning is not working and you’re dehydrated. They always want to know if you’re on a break. The main concentration is to charge the customer for every single item and push the highest priced dishes, drinks and desserts. Just remember, you’re the customer and without your business, the restaurant will not function. Go out, eat a nice dinner and save some money.