There are so many reasons to be loving fish.  The health benefits are tremendous. But for me, the only way to cook fish is outside on the grill.  Love the taste, just hate my house to smell like the docks at low tide.  Know what I mean?  By the way, what ever happened to customer service at the supermarket?  We went to shop for a couple items, and decided to grab some fish for the grill.  The rainbow trout was whole fish.  Yep, head, tail and fins still there, just staring at you.  Thankfully, they at least gutted the fish, but didn’t or should I say, wouldn’t finish the job.  I guess when you charge by the pound, they want all that useless crap on there to jack up the price a little.  

At any rate, I was a bit squeamish, but manned up and made a killer dish on a whim and wanted to share it with you.

The following recipe serves 2.

2 whole Rainbow Trout (1/2 to ¾ pound fish)
2 cloves of fresh garlic
1 medium onion
Sea salt & fresh ground pepper to taste
1 tsp basil
1 tsp oregano
1 lemon


Preheat your grill to 350 to 375 degrees.  Use a food processor to finely chop or puree the onion, garlic and seasonings.  Toss chopped ingredients into a bowl with olive oil and mix thoroughly.  Now if you are okay with fish heads and tails you can skip this part, otherwise, behead and betail the fish.  Stuff the fish with half of the mixture and wrap tightly in aluminum foil.  

Place directly on your grill surface for 30 minutes, flipping the fish over about halfway through the cooking time.  Serve with your favorite side dishes and squeeze some fresh lemon over the fish.  

Oh man, that’s good eating! I would say that there are many of variations already going through my head that I can’t wait to try.  Next time I am definitely going to chop up some tomato and use it to stuff the fish.  Rainbow trout is not exactly an exotic fish, by any means, but isn’t quite as common a fish staple as some others like salmon, tilapia, grouper or flounder.  But it is worth looking for and trying.  A heart-healthy, tasty meal!  Enjoy.