Many grocery stores and supermarkets now offer loyalty programs for their regular customers.  These programs are typically free to join, and you get a loyalty card that you can use at checkout to save money.  Each store’s loyalty program is different, and some offer better rewards than others.  Below are some food loyalty programs that you might want to consider joining.

Martin’s BonusCard

If you live near a Martin’s grocery store (in the Pennsylvania/Maryland/Virginia/West Virginia area) you can sign up for a Martin’s BonusCard.  Martin’s offers one of the best reward programs you’ll find for a supermarket.  With the BonusCard, you can save on everyday items, and Martin’s sends out a weekly circular with coupons and special deals, including bonus point multipliers that will give you extra points for buying certain items.  Bonus points can be redeemed for a discount on gas at Martin’s gas stations – 100 points gets you 10¢ off per gallon, with the only restriction being that you can only fill up one vehicle, to a maximum of 30 gallons.  Around Thanksgiving, you can opt to redeem some of your points for a free turkey rather than using them for the gas discount.

Martin’s also has other way to get rewards.  The A+ School Rewards program allows you to earn points for the local school of your choice.  You can also use your BonusCard for the Upromise program (through Sallie Mae) which lets you earn money for future college tuition when you buy certain products with the Upromise coupons.

You can sign up for a Martin’s BonusCard in-store, or online at the Martin’s website.

Giant Card

Giant offers its shoppers a free Giant Card.  The Giant Card allows you to save money when you shop, both with regular discounts and with special weekly savings.  Giant Cards can be applied for online or in-store, and you can log in to the Giant website to keep track of your savings or check your points balance.  You can also find exclusive deals online, and you can add those deals onto your Giant Card so all you have to do is walk into the store and buy the item – no coupon needed.

Giant points can be redeemed for a discount on gas at Shell gas stations.  100 points entitles you to a 10¢ discount, up to a maximum of $2.20 off per gallon.  Points expire after 30 days, so you have to use them quickly.  You can also use your Giant Card to earn cash back for a local school with the A+ program.

– Harris Teeter VIC

Harris Teeter customers can join the VIC program.  With the VIC card, you save on groceries and you’re also automatically entered into occasional sweepstakes for prizes, including free groceries, just by using your VIC card.  The VIC card is free, and you can apply for it in the store or online.

Safeway Club Card

The Safeway Club Card lets you save money when you shop in a Safeway store or when you buy something online from  If you don’t have your Club Card with you when you check out, you can use your phone number to get your savings.  You can apply for a Club Card at Safeway, or you can print out the application at home and bring it in.

With the Club Card, you can earn money for college with Upromise, as well as get money for a local school through the eScrip program.  You can also get discounts on gas.