When you have had diabetes for awhile, you develop poor circulation. This reduces the blood flow to different parts of your body, resulting in poor circulation in feet and poor circulation in hands. There can also be numbness. This numbness makes it difficult for you to feel your feet and hands.

But there is an answer. Here are four steps to eliminate diabetes cold feet and swollen hands. The process may take you several months but you should see definite improvement over time.

1.Take immediate action to warm your cold feet and hands. Foot warmers and hand warmers work pretty well but these are temporary solutions and you need a more permanent solution.

2.Your strategy should include diet changes. Did you know you can actually increase the heat in your body by adding certain foods known to alleviate poor circulation? When you eat these foods, it doesn’t matter if the poor circulation is in hands or feet. The foods increase circulation to all parts of your body.

Adding hot beverages is not enough to increase circulation in feet and poor circulation in hands. You must add spicy hot foods to make a difference in your poor circulation.

Add a tablespoon or two of the salsa to each meal. The salsa won’t add any appreciable carbohydrate so you’re safe; it won’t raise blood sugar. The hotter the salsa the better, but mildly hot salsa works.

Watch what happens to diabetes cold feet just minutes after eating hot salsa.

3.Lower your blood sugar level. The longer your blood sugar is high, the more it interferes with circulation in feet and hands. One easy way to do this is to lose 20 pounds. The HCG diet can force the body to burn fat and you can lose the weight in 2 months or less.

4.Always get medical treatment for your neuropathy. Ask your doctor if you can undergo hyperbaric oxygen treatments for diabetes cold feet and poor circulation. Insurance companies pay for this treatment. Oxygen can create new small blood vessels and increase circulation. Another amazing treatment that works!