Where to Eat when you can’t Decide what Food You’re in the Mood for

“Are you familiar with our menu?” This is the first thing you hear as you walk into the door of Quincy’s Steak and Spirits restaurant located in Leadville, Colorado; the highest incorporated town in America at 10,200 feet. Many who visit the two-mile high city for the first time are not familiar with the unique

How Restaurants Benefit from Offering Vegetarian Meals

Restaurants have much to benefit from offering vegetarian meals.  Sometimes even offering just a single item can make a big difference.  They should consider the following advantages. A vegetarian will come to your restaurant If you offer nothing at all for a vegetarian, then you are obviously not likely to get many.  Even if they

Should Restaurants be Required to List Calories and Fat Grams on their Menu – No

Should restaurants be required to list calories and fat grams on their menus?  This would have to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.  Patrons go to a restaurant to enjoy a quality meal cooked by a qualified chef and the patrons are responsible for their choice of food that is ordered.  Although I

How to Save Money while Eating at Great Restaurants

There are some many ways to save money when you go out to eat. You have to be smart when it comes to your money. Hard earned income can easily be spent in restaurants. Servers try to push alcohol, appetizers and large dinner features. After dessert, you will have a costly bill. When you go

Should Cellphones be Banned in Restaurants – No

Cellphones are an annoying necessity; and this includes restaurants as well, however this doesn’t mean that cellphone usage should be immune from etiquette and subtle limitations. Many of those amongst us – including ourselves – will have a multitude of tales to tell of when that special meal out, a relaxing dinner in a bistro

Romantic Menus for two

It’s easy to plan a romantic dinner for a special occasion such as an anniversary or Valentine’s Day, or even if you are planning a menu for “just because.” Keep the following tips in mind and you will create a fantastic menu that will showcase your love and appreciation for your loved one over a

Food Loyalty Programs Worth Joining

Many grocery stores and supermarkets now offer loyalty programs for their regular customers.  These programs are typically free to join, and you get a loyalty card that you can use at checkout to save money.  Each store’s loyalty program is different, and some offer better rewards than others.  Below are some food loyalty programs that

Jimmy Johns Restaurants

Jimmy John’s is a sandwich shop that also offers delivery and catering.  It is called a gourmet sandwich shop which means they use fresh ingredients.  The sub rolls are baked fresh daily.  The meats are sliced each day and the vegetables are freshly prepped.  Some advertisements on television claim that some other sandwich establishments have

A Summary of Spices and their Nutrional Values

Spices have been used throughout the ages in the treatment of a wide variety of ailments. Many of the remedies that include spices are not approved by the Food and Drug Agency (FDA) because scientific research remains inconclusive. In any case, spices continue to be widely used within alternative medicine and home-made concoctions.  Cinnamon Since

Easy Bread

This recipe has been adapted and refined over the years. It is virtually fool-proof and ready in less than three hours. As with any recipe, be sure to read through all the directions before beginning. This will yield one 8 inch x 4 inch x 2.5 inch loaf, one 8 inch round or square loaf,